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  Reducing money transfer fees... that's what I'm talking about!

transférer de l'argent

For the past few months, I have completely abandoned the system of transferring funds from my French bank to my Thai bank... and why?

Everyone knows and knows the fees that are charged by all these banking institutions.

For years, we had no other way to make transfers (retirement etc..) to Thailand (and elsewhere of course) than to go through our bank.

Later on, other organizations were created among the most famous: Paypal, Western Union etc...

With the banks, it's well known, the fees are there... and well, they're there for every transaction, and we always pay. Have you ever seen a banker do you a favour without doing you a lot of favours beforehand...?

No, there is no such thing

 My first experiences

I found out about TransferWise through a friend and without any hesitation, I did my first test with a small fee of 200€.

Result: fast transfer (less than 24 hours), much lower costs than our banker friends... and a much more interesting exchange rate.

TransferWise is not the only organization of this kind, there are others... but it seems to me that it is the most interesting and the speed of action is very efficient.

The transfer is made either by transfer from your bank account or with your credit card... in both cases the fees are minimal. There are still other possibilities but you will be charged a few fees. You will find all the solutions a little further on.

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I invite you below to discover this new way to transfer
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Nothing could be easier. You can create your account in a few minutes. Just scan your passport or your C.I. and you're done. Of course some usual checks are made, but overall, this operation only takes a few minutes.