The Grand Palace, Bangkok

  A real anthill !

There is really something I don't understand, something incomprehensible.

I have always loved Chinese design, Chinese temples, many Chinese works of art, some Chinese music, Chinese landscapes, so many beautiful things full of finesse... not to mention the Chinatown of Bangkok where I have just walked the crowded streets. 

and yet...

The Chinese tourists who come to Thailand in large numbers (or even in excess) hate me more and more.

In a few years, they have built a reputation that extends from north to south Thailand and will be difficult to blur in the years to come.

Even Thai people who are welcoming and tolerant people begin to pout when the word "Chinese" is uttered.

These Chinese people I just met at the Grand Palace in Bangkok, by the thousands, endless groups, noisy, disrespectful, inconsiderate, pushing you, walking on you, aggressive sometimes even in the style of pushing you that I put myself there and which, with this great mode of selfie, advance with these kinds of canes that serve to fix a smartphone to take a picture of themselves, and put you through the face without realizing it and therefore without any excuse, well come on!

A horror I'm telling you.

Personally, I have nothing against this or that other origin... the Russians, the Chinese, the Germans, the Australians... I don't care as much about my first shirt: everyone has the right to travel, to visit, but here... we go beyond the limit of what is acceptable, what is tolerable.

I have just seen them at work by the hundreds, so I am only testifying and I can tell you that if the Grand Palais is now what I have just experienced, I am not about to return there!

I took my last pictures there, that's for sure! 

The Grand Palace in Bangkok
The Grand Palace in Bangkok
The Grand Palace in Bangkok
The Grand Palace in Bangkok

 Wat Phra Keao

The famous Wat Phra Keao, housing the small statue of the emerald Buddha... which is the holiest statue of Thailand (see next picture)
Inside this temple, an incredible population... If I can make a comparison, I'd say... that the Harrods on Christmas Eve is not as crowded, and you're not pushed around as much!

 The Emerald Buddha

The statue, the holiest in the whole country... 

The block of jadeite measures 75 cm high by 45 cm wide, the statue itself is only 60 cm high, with 15 cm of the uncut base hidden in the pedestal.

According to its style, the Emerald Buddha belongs to the Northern School, or Chiang Saen. It was probably carved in the 15th century. The jadeite is believed to have originated in Burma.

The statue is presented on a gold pedestal, on an 11 m high altar, in a glass cage (photography is forbidden) and under a nine-storey golden parasol symbolizing universal royalty.

 Des toitures, des façades, des corniches

The Grand Palace in Bangkok

As the crowds at the Grand Palais have become what they are, all the photos I present to you today are photos taken in order to avoid all these onlookers...

It is mainly roofs, ceilings, cornices, gables, that I invite you to discover.

In fact, I really like the construction details of this great palace and this excessive abundance of unruly tourists has finally pushed me to find even more, interesting angles.

When we say that this Grand Palais is splendid, just look up and you will quickly realize the beauty of the architecture.

In order to avoid all these countless onlookers, I only made close-ups, and took upright angles.... 
It still happens to have a few individuals....
The Grand Palace in Bangkok