The Chalong-Rawai Puzzle

2015 -> 2019: Leaving Rawai.... the sweet madness!

We can say that the release of Rawai has for quite some time now become a real ordeal at any time of the day.

In "two-wheelers", it passes... after a good series of slaloms between stationary vehicles, successive passages on the semblance of sidewalks, we end up swallowing this dusty and stinking snake after a few minutes. Exceeding a hundred cars at a forced stop can be a pleasure.

In the car, however... it's not the same music anymore. Here... it is advisable to be firmly patient, because regularly the cork reaches a good mile. The time to reach the end is variable, ranging from 15 minutes to more than 40 minutes... so much so that you can plan this extra time when you have an appointment at a specific time.

As in all traffic jams in the world, you will always find a few jerks who will pass or try to pass where it wouldn't even occur to you. These people only complicate the difficulties even more to get to the roundabout, which sometimes has the gift of annoying more than one.

Within a year or so, a project will start, in order to lighten this incredibly dense traffic. 

Daily view of the endless queue... 

The Chalong roundabout is (at the top of this picture) 520 meters from where this picture was taken (from the pedestrian footbridge)... all these cars are trying to leave Rawai, it is 5:30 pm.

At the same time and from the same place, the line continues in the other direction.... 

Too often, the length of the cap reaches... one kilometer!

The Future Underground Passage of the Chalong Roundabout

Raised in the local press an article translated in its broad lines, to know a little more about this project which currently circulates from office to office while waiting for its approval....

Local officials and experts are currently working hard to find secondary routes to avoid congestion during the construction work on the future underpass, which is scheduled to start next year (2016).

Estimated at 800 million baht, this project, once completed, should facilitate the enormous traffic that has become huge at the Chalong roundabout in southern Phuket Island.

"We are already aware of the importance of the current traffic that will worsen with the start of the project".

At a meeting in July 2013, the former Governor of Phuket had already considered that the Chalong roundabout was the major black spot in the southern part of the island.

This new underground passage will facilitate the traffic of 53,000 vehicles/day.

It was also specified that there would be no additional road creation during the construction period.

The work should take about two years....

For the moment, the entire project is still awaiting approval and is under study by the Ministry of Roads.

Be prepared to wait in line !

No matter how you look at the map, there is no way to create a bypass road. On Wichit Road, the constructions on both sides of the future site prevent any expansion. And then, to the east... there is the sea, and on the other side, the districts inhabited and crossed by alleys hardly allowing the crossing of two vehicles.

This project, which will start in 2016, is already a real threat. The daily traffic jams will get longer and crossing this place will become a real torture. What a horror, what a pain in the neck.

On the one hand, it is madness to launch this project, but on the other hand, it is absolutely necessary.

There are times when I would like to be two or three years older....

It promises!!!