The Weekend Market in Phuket

  The Weekend Market in Phuket-Town

The Week-End Market is well known in Phuket-Town and has become over time a must see place. Very popular not only with locals, but also with the ever-increasing number of tourists.

If I tell you that it is on Wirat Hong Yok Road... it won't mean much to you, that's for sure... but if I locate you in relation to the Central Festival, this market is located from the new underground passage 1 km to the left towards the south, Chalong/Rawai... at the first traffic light just turn left, you are then in Wirat Hong Yok Road... where you only have to walk a few meters: the traffic will quickly make you understand that you have arrived. We can't miss it. (see the location plan at the end of the article)

This market, which is about 170 metres long (about 12,000m²) and consists of about twenty lanes, would include 3,000 spaces, which is to say the importance of this place, a real surprising maze, enough to get lost in it.

As its name suggests, "Week-End Market", this one takes place only on Saturdays and Sundays between 4pm and 11pm. It consists of two parts: a clothing part and all kinds of miscellaneous objects: this part is the largest in surface area and number of shops.

The other part is essentially devoted to food, "food" is really impressive because of the atmosphere and the diversity of visitors: tourists from all walks of life and local people are now one! The highest attendance is around 6pm-7pm, and now it's like an ant farm! If you like crowd bathing, you will be served.

In the first part (clothing), we find almost everything: t-shirts, jeans, shoes, costume jewellery, glasses, watches, men's or women's clothing, various gadgets, toys; knickknacks, animals...

In the second part, an impressive display of local "food", spicy or not, fish, pork, vegetables, fruits, local sweet pastries... and finally, many small improvised restaurants in the middle of the stalls where it is easy to take a seat to eat very... local, on a simple table and a plastic stool. Are you looking for local, authentic.... here you have some!

Today, in the following short photo report, I focused only on the "food" part, which represents only about 20% of the market surface, but also the most lively, interesting and friendly. Now... it really feels like Thailand!

The market opens every Saturday and Sunday from 4pm and remains open until around 11pm, but it is between 6pm and 8pm, in the "catering" section that you will have the most visitors. People come to dinner for nothing... and always in a good mood.
We can say that this place has become one of the most important places in the city of Phuket...


  The Stalls


  Eating on the spot

  Want to eat bugs ?

Nous voici au stand des insectes...

In Thailand, it is well known, we eat fried or even raw insects: grasshoppers, crickets, beetles, ladybirds, woodworms, bamboo worms, giant water bugs, scorpions, ants' eggs the list is impressive...

In Thailand, more than two hundred species of insects are reviving the taste buds of many Thais' palates as well as tourists who venture into this exotic country.

Previously, insects were only consumed in northern and northeastern Thailand as a food supplement for their high nutritional content. But in recent years, it is for their taste that they have become very popular in Bangkok and elsewhere, where they have been introduced by migrant families from rural areas.

Prepared for grilling, the insects have a crisp, smoky and spicy texture and go very well with pickles or a few peppers.
Most insects are high in protein and low in fat (with the exception of plump silk larvae which are filled with a gelatinous mass) which makes them ideal for special diets such as the Dukan diet.

"The larvae sold here are collected in the north and it is the same larvae that are used for silk production," says one saleswoman, adding that some species come from Cambodia.

  Finally, a little beer !

After a good trip in these crowded alleys, some bars offer you to refresh yourself....
a good beer after such a visit is always welcome!