Phuket Town in celebration

  La foule des grands jours !

Every year, shortly after the Chinese New Year, Phuket's "Old Town" bursts into action to welcome thousands of visitors for three days.
Small groups, small associations, or other small clubs settle for a few hours in the streets of the city that have become pedestrian, in order to make the public discover their activity.

This is how I found a small music school where children learn to play one of the most difficult instruments there is: the violin.
Others have fun posing and taking pictures of themselves in front of this or that set or right in the middle of the crowd... sometimes it's very fun to watch... 

As always in these cases, the atmosphere is really good-natured, calm and peaceful. No agitation, no aggressiveness, really, it's a pleasure to go there if we are not afraid to be in the middle of a huge crowd through which it is not always easy to sneak... nothing to do with the atmosphere of Patong. The tourists are not numerous and the attendance must be 97% local. 

In spite of that, I enjoyed again walking a few streets of this old district of a city I like very much.

I had discovered this event a year ago... here I am back at this nice party to bring back again some pictures... those of 2013 and these look alike but it's always a joy to show them.

...but the visit continues... just next door, the streets are already shining with a thousand lights...

I start my walk at the beginning of Thalang Road, at the Phuket museum in which I discover a small exhibition of superb paintings made by local artists I presume...

I continue my progression in the middle of this anthill... usually, I don't like these massive gatherings, but now, I don't know why, it pleases me well...

Of course, the "food" stands occupy an important place in the middle of the street, which makes it even more difficult for all this mass of people to get through. 
Animations, you name it... everyone goes there with their own little act with an incomparable mood.

I can't help but go back to the much quieter Soi Romanee... this little alley that was one of the first to be reborn and give a new lease of life to this area of the city of Phuket a few years ago.  

Not far from Romanee's self, again on Thalang Road, I find the small group of violinists that I had photographed last year. I recognize the little girl who appeared in my report at the time, and notice that she continued her work with assiduity apparently ... 

A little further away from the diverse, amusing, cheerful animations...

Finally, at the end of our journey, a small photo exhibition of old Phuket... musicians, a few artists... and a few restaurants full of people!

To finish, let's take a look at the "On On Hotel", the oldest hotel in Phuket-Town, which has recently been completely renovated and is located in the heart of the lively district.

Find the photos taken a few months ago for this establishment which has become splendid: On On Hôtel