The Beaches of Phuket

  The Beaches of Phuket ( New shots 2020 )

In this month of January 2020, I start a new presentation of the beaches of Phuket. On the one hand to show the new way to manage the beaches, and then also, I decided to make all pictures of beaches at low tide in order to better show the slope of the beaches (which is not the same everywhere).

 Naiharn Beach... Until 2014

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 Naiharn Beach... From 2014

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From July 2014, the Thai authorities have ordered a complete "clean-up" of the beaches. Umbrellas, deckchairs disappeared, then reappeared in places with strict regulations, plus the right to eat, smoke, restaurants and all constructions that encroached on the public domain without permission (building permits) were demolished. 

The beaches, since 2014, have been well "cleaned": no more umbrella forests, no more hundreds or even thousands of deckchairs. 
I have to admit that many of the actions taken by the local authorities were really necessary because there were often exaggerations on the part of some renters...

As for the other beaches which are below... an update is planned in the coming weeks. The beaches are always the same, only the regulations have changed... (deckchairs, restaurants etc...) 

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