Thalang Road, Phuket Old Town


Some views taken in Thalang Road, this street connects Phuket Rd and Krabi Rd.

There are many shops and businesses that unfortunately tend to disappear with the arrival of shopping centres located on the outskirts of the city. These small businesses (sellers of fabrics or various objects) those that contribute to the charm of a district still exist but for how long...?
Nowadays, more and more coffee shops, small restaurants and even guest-houses are taking over.

It should also be noted that this street was part of the vast renovation programme, namely that all the horrible wiring on the facades of the houses was buried. The aesthetics of this street (and others) has completely changed by giving a much more pleasant look to the eye.

On Google Map:        7°53'04.9"N 98°23'24.8"E
The main streets of old Phuket are in yellow on this map....

Thalang Road is located here... right in front with the colourful facades...

Every Sunday afternoon, from 4pm, Thalang Rd is transformed into a pedestrian street and the stalls rise one after the other in the middle of the street. 

Visitors from all walks of life, tourists and locals come in large numbers. For tourists, it is an opportunity to discover some local productions, for local Thai people, it is a bit like Sunday afternoon outing, just to stretch their legs.

This very beautiful old building, is a restaurant that offers excellent Thai cuisine.

Thalang Road,  Walking Street time

Thalang Road : Arriving at the end of Thalang Road, at the junction with Yowarad Road
this beautiful new coffee shop for which I really fell in love... quite the style I love.
Thalang Road :  Another place in Thalang Road that is well worth a visit is the China Inn.

Click here to discover this lovely place China Inn

Thalang Road, night...

In the evenings and on weekdays, the streets of old Phuket are quiet.
Changing lighting illuminates some of the street facades, which is intended to give the neighbourhood a certain animation...
And then the Old Phuket festival which takes place once a year... making most of the streets into "Walking Streets", with many merchants, musicians, jugglers, magicians... and well of course, a very large crowd!

A glimpse of this celebration here: Phuket Town celebrates

  Thalang Road Non-Stop by Scooter...

The two streets, Thalang rd and Krabi rd are in the vicinity with an intersection on Yaowarad rd