China Inn: A small restaurant-boutique in Phuket Town

In Phuket Town, as you stroll through the streets of the old quarter and look a little closer, you can discover some nice little restaurants.

Some old alleys were cleared of the horrible cabling, a typical image of the country, which completely distorted all these Sino-Portuguese style houses. These awful cables have been buried, so that in Thailand everything is possible with a lot of patience.

It is true that since then, the general appearance of this old district has changed a lot and that is good.

The China Inn Cafe is one of those pleasant places to discover and is located in Thalang Road which is the heart of old Phuket. A former century-old building and completely renovated, the owners took more than two years to complete their project.

Stretched out in length, we reach the restaurant part by crossing a row of 4 successive rooms that serve as a shop. Chinese objets d'art, some furniture, some fabrics and clothes, the place is pleasant.

At the end is a green backyard with a lean-to with square posts of large cross-section and exposed old tiles that remind me somewhat of some smaller Buddhist temples. There, you will find half a dozen simple tables, enough to accommodate about twenty people.

There's no need to say, these old houses have something more that you can't find in modern buildings...

The prices are a little higher than normal compared to the country's standard traditional dishes, but the food is good and well served.

When you enter the establishment, you don't really know if you are entering a shop or a small restaurant...
The first room is furnished and decorated with beautiful Chinese objects

Cute this staircase decorated with pairs of flip-flops on each step

Il ne reste plus qu'à traverser la dernière pièce et là-bas de l'autre côté de la fenêtre barreaudée,
vous trouvez la partie restaurant

Some tables are placed under a lean-to in a green setting.
Pleasant, relaxing, all that remains is to place your order...