Laem Ka Beach Rawai

Leam Ka Beach is one of the few beaches on the "East" coast of Phuket Island where you can swim.

I had completely forgotten this small beach so close to my home (3 minutes by scooter), a small paradise where I hadn't been for a long time... shame on me!

So here I am at "Laemka Yai"... a little jewel on the "East" coast of the island of Phuket, the ideal opportunity to show off its assets, its colours, its beauty...

A small stairs leads you directly to the beach,
and immediately we are taken by the colours, by the calm reigning...

We regularly meet groups of tourists with their life jackets,
returning from a visit to the neighbouring islands on speed-boat,
but these do not drag on in Laemka

The beach is not big.... (170 meters), and few people frequent this place
which offers a magnificent view of the islands that can be easily seen.

Over there, straight ahead, is the nearby island of Koh Lon

As everywhere, a massage session in the shade of the trees can only do good

The island you can see in the distance is Coral Island

And this island in this picture, is Koh Aeo easily reachable for a day on the beach....
Information taken on the spot, a long tail boat to go to this island,
costs 1,500 Baht (38€) to go in the morning at the time of your choice, return in the afternoon around 4pm

And then finally, a short trip to the beach... to admire these amazing colours

Quite familiar and common image here
Thais generally swim in shorts and t-shirts....

Koh Aeo beach on the neighboring island 6 kilometers away...
Very soon, I will go there... for sure!

  New pictures from January 2013

Some time ago (February 2011), I wrote this article about Laemka and ended on a bad note.

Indeed, this beach, which was just as beautiful, was then a real rubbish dump.

Nylon bags, cans of coca or fruit juice were lying around by the dozens. It was downright horrendous.

I just went there again and took some pictures (the last ones below) and I must say that I was surprised...
the people who run this place finally understood and took a little bit of trouble to make it a little more welcoming.

It was about time!

Unfortunately, Laem Ka has been closed for a few months...