In Phuket, near Nai Yang, but also in Chalong you have the possibility to practice Kiteboarding.

A sport that seems interesting at first sight, but not necessarily easy.
Some clubs offer you an apprenticeship if you have no knowledge, and I suppose that after a few hours you can have fun...

After consulting the website of a club in France, I notice that the price here in Phuket is almost identical, so... not necessarily cheap.

These few pictures were taken in Nai Yang, but there are other clubs on Phuket Island....
A Kiteboard site in Phuket : :

Instructors take care of you and explain the basic techniques
Then, little by little... it's up to you to find your comfort, at your own pace.

With a light wind from the southwest, water at 29°,
and a minimum of experience, the practice of this sport seems very nice....