Big Buddha, Phuket

  Big Buddha in Chalong (Phuket)

Big Buddha is a huge project, in progress for several years and which will still need a few more years before it can be finalized.

Built entirely on concrete bases, and with metal frames in places, thousands of marble slabs adorn this magnificent giant statue.

It is enough to walk around the site, without being a specialist, to realize the immensity of the task, the work accomplished and the work still to be accomplished.
Located at the top of the Nakkerd Hill between Chalong and Kata at an altitude of about 375 metres, this 45-metre high Buddha dominates the entire southern part of Phuket Island.

Whether you are in Karon, Kata, Rawai, Chalong or Phuket-Town, you can see this magnificent white statue, day and night... because in recent weeks, some lighting has been added: magnificent
semaines, un éclairage a été ajouté: magnifique

  On the road to the Big Buddha

The site of Big Buddha, is at the end of a small road very pleasant and quiet.

At the bottom of the hill, rubber forests on either side of the road give off a certain amount of freshness.

As the number of visitors to the site increases, more and more small businesses are opening up along the road.

There are small terraces overlooking Chalong Bay

Buggy or Quad rental companies for trips in the region

The ideal place to stroll along these small roads is of course
the motorcycle or scooter... we stop everywhere, we take the time to enjoy...

Even the elephants are here now and take you away
in secluded corners with superb sea views

Un troquet bien original...

Quelques centaines de mètres avant d'arriver sur le site, dans un virage,
cette magnifique vue sur l'énorme statue...

   A pharaonic project that has been going on for years

Au bas du site, un hall provisoire où vous pouvez faire des donations

A small exhibition explaining the concept of the realization

You can "buy" a small marble plaque, add your name or a message....

We are finally at the final stage of the expedition....
on what is still a construction site!

Sanding all these marble slabs... a big job of patience a real ants' job

Personally, I am very attracted to this giant hand.
A remarkable work, with a surprising beauty of lines

A metal framework supports the marble slabs fixed on fibreglass....

One thing is certain....
When this project is completed, the site will be superb and grandiose.
But we'll have to wait a few more years.
Already, at the moment, thousands of visitors are coming to see the Big Buddha

  There is still a long way to go, but Big Buddha is getting more and more beautiful


  Big Buddha lit by a thousand lights

  One day ago, the sun sets off Kata Beach

Depuis Big Buddha, la vue sur la Baie de Chalong est splendide

To compare....
The Arc de Triomphe in Paris is 51 metres high
The Big Buddha... 45 meters
Impressive, isn't it?

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