Phuket Airport


L'aéroport se trouve ici: 8°06'41.0"N 98°18'23.7"E

2017 - We can now say that Phuket has an airport worthy of the largest international cities.
The new "International" Terminal, which had been operational for a few months, had become a necessity in view of the ever-increasing number of visitors.
I have just partially discovered this new terminal, and I must say that the whole is quite impressive, well designed, a hell of a job!

Not everything is perfect yet. At the beginning, and just after commissioning, small queues took place, particularly in terms of passport and visa checks...
An organizational problem that will inevitably lead to a successful outcome soon.

For an infrastructure like this one, organization is a very heavy task and errors can inevitably occur, much to the dismay of arriving and departing passengers.

On this view, we can see the positioning of the airport in relation to the rest of the island of Phuket.

The distance from the airport to the farthest point to the south, i.e. Rawai, is 45km.
Currently (2017) the travel times to reach the two points are quite long given the importance of road traffic and the number of works in progress on these main roads.
In the morning before 8:00 am = 1:00 am
Between 8:00 am and 4:00 pm = 1:30 am
From 4pm to 8pm = 2am
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On this view, we can see the main track (oriented East-West)....
The old terminal, now the "Terminal Domestic" (domestic flights)
The new International Terminal just below.
An overview of the old Terminal converted into a "Domestic Terminal" (domestic flights)

 The Arrivals Hall (International Terminal)

As a simple visitor, I did not have the opportunity to enter this hall... so it is from a "visitors" corridor that I show you some views.

In these corridors, after passing immigration police checks and collecting luggage, you will find a series of various shops (banks, exchange services, car rental, etc.).

There are probably other sales outlets, but as I told you, I couldn't access them.
In this type of shop, you can buy a SIM card for a few euros allowing you to surf the net very quickly, contact your friends and family using "WhatsApp" or equivalent, and use a GPS.

Once you have completed the previous steps, you will find yourself outside for a first crowd bath and a first idea of the temperature prevailing in Phuket... 

As in most modern airports around the world, arrivals take place at the lower level... departures at the upper level.
Here is the outer part of the arrivals terminal, so... the ground floor. It is there that arrivals will find a taxi or other means of transportation to take them out of the airport.

If you rent a vehicle directly from the airport... you will need (if you don't know the island) a GPS. With a SIM card freshly activated in your smartphone, you will be able to use the GPS I show you below very easily.

I recommend this GPS completely free and available for IOS and Android:

WAZE: a free and efficient GPS!

Available for Iphone/Ipad but also for Android... this small GPS is really very practical and works perfectly. Having tested it several times on Phuket, it offers secondary routes according to the work or traffic jams on your originally planned route.
Completely free of charge.
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 The Departure Hall (Terminal International)

For those arriving with their own vehicle, you will find space in the new parking building. Direct links by footbridge as above between the parking lot and the terminal building are accessible on level 3 of the parking building.

  Around the Airport

  • You will also find

Taxi limousine (inside the terminal building)
Private taxi (outside the terminal building)
Minibus (outside the terminal building)

It is necessary to count approximately 800 to 1000 baht (approx. 25€) the price of the trip from the airport to Rawai or Patong.

Independent taxis, many on site, will accost you as you leave the terminal.

Sometimes they offer you a little crazy prices, but it is up to you to negotiate (Everything is negotiated in Thailand...).

So, on this side, rest assured, you will be able to reach your place of stay very easily.

  • Duration of the trip

From the airport, it takes about 60 minutes (or more depending on the time of day) to travel to Rawai, Patong, Kata, Karon... A little less to Phuket-Town, about 40 minutes

Vehicle rental
  • Notices
  • Alamo
  • Hertz
  • National

If you rent a car, you should know that:
you will need to have an International Driving Licence.... require "Number One" insurance, i. e. "All Risks" insurance
and above all, don't forget, that in Thailand, we drive on the left

  • Foreign exchange

Of course, when you arrive, you do not necessarily have local currency to pay for the taxi... There are bank machines in the terminal building where you can change a few euros. Just change the price of a taxi, 40 to 50€ maximum, because the classes in the terminal are rather unfavourable.

If the counters are crowded or closed, which rarely happens, there are ATMs (Bangkok Bank, Siam Commercial Bank etc.) called here ATM and which accept your European visa or mastercard. However, you will be charged a fee. Don't worry, they're safe and the classes are normal.

How much to withdraw...? 5,000 baht (125€) should be enough for you and allow you to feel comfortable for your first trips.

It is possible from Phuket
(in both directions)
Phuket / Bangkok[duration: 1h20] direct
Phuket / Koh Samui[duration: 1h00] direct
Phuket / Chiang Mai[duration: 1h25 + 1h20] via Bangkok
Phuket - Udon Thani[duration: 2h05] direct
Phuket / Ranong[duration: 0h40] Happy Air
Phuket / Hat Yai[duration: 1h00] Happy Air
And then also:
Hong Kong, Bali, Jakarta, Kula Lumpur, Penang, Singapore
Consult the companies below

You will find all the flight details on the airport website below

Phuket Airport Website
All information: arrivals, departures, taxis, car rentals

Airport Website     PHUKET Departure/Arrival times   

and then also:

Bus service from the airport

  A serious agency to help you....

You can contact Jean, who has been living in Patong for many years (South Tours Agency in Patong) and who can easily guide you in your research with his friendly Canadian accent.

South Tours

  Landing in Phuket...

All that remains is to find the right alignment on runway 27

... d'atterrir en douceur

... et enfin, de conserver votre ceinture attachée jusqu'à l'arrêt complet de l'appareil...