Kaeng Sofa Waterfall

Beautiful Waterfalls....

Starting from Phitsanulok, (direction Khon Kaen) and about 40km away, there are a number of quite impressive waterfalls along Route 12.

Today, we are visiting two of them: Kaeng Sofa and Kaeng Song.

The first of the two named is the best known. It is part of a national park and the entrance is not free. After a few hundred meters, you reach the edge of a beautiful river in the middle of the forest. Fantastic and relaxing landscape to contemplate without moderation.

The second, less well known, is located directly on the roadside. There is easy parking space for free, and fifty metres further on you will find a restaurant with a beautiful terrace where you can admire the Kaeng Song Falls.

Before reaching our waterfalls, a short stop at this cute place where young people came to swim.

Very beautiful nature, so green and so relaxing

and here we are... in Kaeng Sofa

Very wild landscape, very natural... but there is not much water.

The employees at the entrance to the park had warned us that there was little water

I discover this recent wooden staircase that I decide to go down and at the end of which I find my waterfall... a cat's pee!

it's the end of March, it hasn't rained for a long time... water is scarce so that's it... the small waterfall which is much stronger at other times of the year

Leaving again in the direction of Phitsanulok, and about 10km further on, we find the Kaeng Song waterfall

At this point the flow rate is higher....
and the waterfall even more beautiful, even in this period

An equally natural and wild landscape, which I would describe as magical

Rafting in Kaeng Sofa !

samedi 6 avril 2013