The Songkla Suspended Nets 

  It's 5:00 a. m., Songkla wakes up!

5:40am, I'm already looking forward to bringing back dozens of photos.

In the room, a kettle, soluble coffee, a little milk... enough to make me a "little juice" so I don't leave on an empty stomach. Breakfast will be on the way back at 8:00.

At 6:00 am, our "piroguier" is already waiting for us. In the dark night, equipped with a flashlight, he goes down into the boat before us and makes a check of use: water infiltration, presence of snake... 

Everything seems okay, we get on board... the boat starts.


 Between Dawn and Sunrise, my heart sways !

The first fishing nets are not far away. The engine in a characteristic and deafening noise makes us move away from the small wooden and bamboo pontoon. After a few minutes, the "captain" turns off the engine and we gently slide on the water calmly until the day breaks.... 

The first images are already impressive in their beauty. The colours, the silence, these strange bamboo constructions in the middle of the lake, we are really immersed in a surprising world of softness and tranquility.

 The Sun rises on the Lake

Discreetly, hidden behind a net, his majesty sun appears.
Here is for this series of photos taken at sunrise....
It is 6:50 am, we have a good hour left to visit part of the lagoon...

 In the middle of nature....

And here we are again the couple of people we met a year earlier... still there trying to fill their boat....
This is the view from our boat.... grass and water as far as the eye can see.
A magnificent panorama that I will never tire of.
And then with the following pictures, you will have a wide overview of what this whole region has to offer
A big thank you to Sandrine and Thierry who kindly accompanied me on this tour
from Phuket to Thale Noi, then to Koh Lipe!
The rest of this trip with pictures of fishing nets taken at sunrise
and also a walk on the Thale Noi lake, in the middle of a Lotus sea...
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16 jan 2016