An Evening at Songkla Lake

 A desire for a calm and welcoming Nature

I decide to leave Phuket and its growing appearance as a city with increasingly stifling traffic behind me for a few days. Its beaches remain beautiful, but this mass tourism ends up tiring, tiring and suffocating me.

Four hundred kilometres to cover on an excellent road to change world, setting, atmosphere... to find oneself on a canoe with a motor running back and forth in the middle of nowhere, on a very calm water, to admire a splendid, wild, natural landscape, a happiness that I enjoy thoroughly with my travelling companions.

Birds, buffalos, flowers, water lilies, lotuses, an already blue sky, a sun on the rise, a 360° magical landscape..... what a joy to stroll and let yourself be carried away on this sea of tranquility that is Lake Songkla.

To all those who regularly send me letters asking me for authentic places... I will tell them: this is where you have to go, even if only for a few hours. No fuss, no bling bling, just this wonderful nature, and a few fishermen you meet who are busy earning their living for the day by pulling a long net containing a few quivering fish, while giving you a smile that always makes you happy... 
You are looking for authenticity? simplicity? this is the place to come, there is no doubt about it!

Where is it compared to Phuket?

Songkla Lake is 390km from Phuket.

It can be reached by VIP bus, plane or private car.

It is this last option that we have chosen for this magnificent trip.

Five hours of driving on an impeccable four-lane road for most of the route, and smooth traffic,

Songkhla Lake is not really a lake. It is a complex of three lagoons with a total area of 1040 km2. The first, to the south, opens onto the Gulf of Thailand at the level of the city of Songkhla and contains brackish water (salinity: about half that of the ocean). The second, the largest, almost 800 km2, contains fresh water. The third, the "small lake", (Thale Noi) in the far north, separated from the previous one by a mangrove forest, contains fresh, very silty water.

On-site accommodation made of wood and bamboo !

I had located on Google Map, the place where these famous fishing nets (easy to spot) are located... namely at the mouth of the Pak Pra River, where it flows into Songkla Lake.

There are several hotels there and I randomly choose the Sri Pak Pra Resort, not without first checking the information on the net.

With my travel companions Sandrine and Thierry, we arrive quietly at the reception of this small resort.
A few moments later, they took possession of their bungalow located directly on the lake with a direct view of the nets... I took possession of mine located at the back.

(you can click on the image to enlarge)

The Owner's Tour....

The small Sri Pak Pra Resort is located directly by the lake.
Ideal location to contemplate this surrounding nature, so natural, so quiet, so relaxing.
This establishment is widely visited in the evenings by local people for its restaurant.
Composed of five bungalows by the lake, the comfort is quite decent.
The rooms are tastefully decorated.
A second series of accommodation is located behind, on the small inland lake,
equally comfortable and beautifully decorated.
A view of the second series of apartments on the small inland lake.
Interior view of a bungalow on Songkla Lake.
Price in January 2016: 2,000THB/night
Interior view of a room overlooking the interior lake
Price in January 2016: 1.500THB/night
The fishermen's canoes, with their petarading engines, pass a few metres from the bungalows.... 
Some of them also spend the night, so I will recommend to those who would like to spend some time there
to opt for a room in the back, much quieter, allowing you to sleep without hearing these boats...
unless you are insensitive to engine noise.... 
From the bridge over the Pak Pra River (50m from the resort) you can see some nets along the river.  
At the end, on the right, the bridge on which I was standing a few minutes ago... 
and there, some nets with very peaceful late afternoon colors.
The night is not yet here, but the customers are already installed.
In Thailand, we have an early dinner...

 Ces Belles Soirées Thai... 

In Thailand, people like to dine to music and as in many other places,
you can enjoy typical dishes while listening to beautiful melodies.
10pm, It's time for bed...
Appointment at 6am for a motorboat expedition
in the middle of fishing nets and this wonderful surrounding nature....
After this very pleasant evening by the lake, we take a canoe before sunrise to discover the suspended nets of Songkla

Take a canoe and sail on a lotus sea.... in the middle of birds, in the wonderfully wild nature...
Yes, it's possible!