Occupations prohibited to foreigners in Thailand

In Thailand, there is a whole list of jobs that foreigners cannot do. 
It is the Alien Employment Act that defines the rules of access to employment for non-Thai people.
There is a list of 39 activities prohibited to foreigners. In particular, tourist guide, accountant, hairdresser, street seller, secretary, many legal professions and generally all manual trades.

   The list of jobs prohibited to foreigners in Thailand?

It is a Royal Decree of 1979 that establishes this list
  • Manual work
  • Work in agriculture, fishing or forestry, except for occupations requiring specific knowledge or farm supervisor.
  • Masonry, carpentry or other building trades
  • Sculpture on wood
  • Driving motor vehicles or not (except international aircraft pilots)
  • Street seller
  • Auction activity
  • Supervisor, auditor or accounting service provider, with the occasional exception of internal audit
  • Cutting or polishing of precious or semi-precious stones
  • Hairdresser or beautician
  • Hand weaving
  • Working with straw, bamboo, rattan or reed
  • Making rice paper by hand
  • Lacquerer
  • Manufacture of Thai musical instruments
  • The niellage or niellure (goldsmith's trade).
  • Goldsmithing
  • Stone working
  • Making Thai dolls
  • Upholsterer or quilter
  • Make alms bowls
  • Manufacture of handmade silk products
  • Buddhas manufacturing
  • Manufacture of knives
  • Manufacture of fabric or paper umbrellas
  • Shoemaker
  • Hatter
  • Brokerage, with the exception of brokering in international trade
  • Profession of civil engineer concerning design and calculation, systematization of analysis, planning, control, supervision of construction or consultancy services, excluding works requiring specialized techniques
  • Architecture, for all aspects of design, development, cost estimation or consultation.
  • Clothing manufacturing
  • Ceramic potter
  • Cigarette manufacturing
  • Guide or tour operator
  • Cargo peddling
  • Thai composition by hand
  • Silk weaving
  • Secretariat or clerical work
  • Legal Services or Professions

And in general, foreigners with significant degrees or specializations are more likely to find work in Thailand. If you are looking for a job in Bangkok, do not hesitate to contact the French-Thai Chamber of Commerce for help, they will have valuable advice and can accompany you or even place you in one of the companies in their network. 

The jobs that require the most foreigners are English teachers, chefs or kitchen clerks. French people with experience in the restaurant or hotel business have a good chance of finding a place in Thailand.

6/08/2015 - Source Thailandee.com

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