Ao Nang - Railey Beach, Krabi

 Ao Nang in Krabi

The island of Koh Phi Phi Phi, which is not far from Krabi, enjoys a reputation that has largely crossed borders for a long time... well, it is true that it is beautiful, but mass tourism is not my cup of tea, I prefer by far the quieter places.

If in Krabi city (as in many Thai cities) there is not really much to do, in Ao Nang you will certainly find the right shoe for you. Nothing to do with Patong, however, but then nothing at all!

Not far from Ao Nang, there is a small beach with some bungalows but also with quite expensive hotels, in a small paradise which can only be reached by boat: Railey Beach.

Just take a longtail boat from Ao Nang to Railey, about 15 minutes away, and it is a magnificent environment that you can admire with large cliffs surrounding the site offering a spectacular view.

Krabi has one of the most beautiful climbing spots in the world. You can also scuba dive, kayak, sail, snorkel, observe local wildlife, trek or visit caves.

We are in Ao Nang, on the beach....

To get to Ralay Beach, this is where you can buy a ticket that will give you access to a longtail boat. It is at the local kiosk that you can buy for a few baht, a ticket that will allow you to board at your destination from Railey Beach, but also to other paradisiacal islands such as Koh Poda for example...

Ticket in hand, just wait a few minutes until the required number of passengers is reached.
In principle, the price is calculated for a minimum of 6 people... if there are only three or four of you, the boat will leave, but the price will be slightly higher

The few minutes needed to reach Ralay Beach will take you along the coast with superb views.

  Railey Beach à Krabi

After fifteen short minutes, you are in Railey Beach.

It's not an island, but it looks like it, a small place accessible only by boat Very beautiful place (the beaches are much more beautiful than in Ao Nang).

The ideal is to reside in Ao Nang and go to Railey for the day by boat because there is not much in Railey, and hotels are quite expensive.

How can we not appreciate such a moment of solitude in the face of the distant horizon....
not to see time pass by, alone, without noise, without any constraint

 The Maps

By road.... Phuket Centre - Ao Nang = 180 km (2h30)