James Bond Island

Koh Tapu...

If Mr. James Bond hadn't decided in 1974 to go through this place....
this islet would certainly be completely unknown to the general public.

Only this is.... James Bond, it makes you dream and the Thai people have taken advantage of this name without even the slightest "copyright".

The tourist who comes to Thailand for the first time, and sees the name James Bond Island in travel agencies on many flyers, inevitably gets caught...

 Koh Tapu...

Koh Tapu, (James Bond Island)... yes, 20 years ago, it was an islet where you used to come for a ride to get your picture taken in front of the rock (the nail: tapu)... there weren't many people, it was nice.

Nowadays, you have to pay for access, there are shops to be found all over the place and all the sellers offer almost the same junk... when you take the small path that leads you to the other side, you see garbage thrown away by some disrespectful or simply stupid tourists.

In short, since this visit is usually part of an excursion, you will find yourself there by force of circumstance, but paying 200 baht per person is expensive, too expensive. 

This is the symbol of the place. A rock in the shape of a nail falling from the sky....

In Thai the place is called Koh Tapu (Koh=island; Tapu: nail)

There is no specific "James Bond Island" excursion from Phuket.
This visit of a few minutes is usually included in the excursions in the bay:

  • Visit to Koh Panyee
  • Canoe exit
  • Speed-boat tour (Koh Phi Phi Phi, Koh Bamboo, Koh Tapu) etc...

Note that if you arrive by longtail boat from Koh Panyee for example, you will have to pay 200 baht per person (5 €) to walk on the sand of Koh Tapu.

Personally, I do not find this expense justified, but everyone does what they want.

 Aerial view (Google Earth) of James Bond Island

 The Trailer of the Man with the Golden Pistol (1974 - Roger Moore)

The Plan