Koh Phi Phi Lee, Maya Bay

phi phi lee

Maya Bay is closed to tourists until 

further notice

Little sister of Phi Phi Don, you can access it by longtail boat if you spent the night in Phi Phi Don...

Allow a little half an hour to go there.

The bay of Phi Phi Phi Lee is called Maya Bay, it is beautiful, so beautiful that my best advice to get there is to take a longtail boat from Phi Phi Don very early (7h30 at the latest).... From 9:30 am, the beach becomes unbearable.

It's called... success!

As you can see on this small map, the two islands are not very far away. By longtail boat, and in 30 minutes you will find yourself in a paradisiacal place.

But, but....

  Going to Maya Bay...

From Phi Phi Phi Don, you will easily find a longtail boat to take you to Phi Phi Lee.

If you are staying in Phi Phi, I advise you to leave early, around 7:30 am or rather at the end of the day around 4 pm.

After 25 minutes of crossing, we enter the bay, world famous, where very few boats are present at that time.
White sand of an astonishing finesse,
it is a real pleasure to be on this magnificent beach...
Before dropping you off on the beach, the longtail-boats, generally propose you to do a little snorkeling in the middle of the bay and a few hundred fish of all colors...

The tip of the day: if you go to Maya Bay, go there very early...
From 10:30 you'll get that!
At least sixty boats have arrived in the meantime....
The beach is crowded!
All these boats come from Phuket or Krabi.... and make their day trip

Non, ce n'est pas l'attente pour une vaccination quelconque, mais la file d'attente interminable... pour un petit pipi à Kho Phi Phi...

VIDEO: Extrait de l'émission THALASSA du 27/06/2014

Excellente émission de Thalassa. Je retrouve avec plaisir dans ce film, Angelo, que j'ai eu l'occasion de croiser peu
de temps après le Tsunami dans le cadre de son association «Phi Phi Relève toi».
Cette petite vidéo ici, n'est qu'une toute petite partie de l'émission intitulée:
«Thalassa, plages secrètes, plages de légende»
On retrouve dans ce film les situations décrites dans mes deux reportages
de Phi Phi Don et Phi Phi Lee (Maya Bay):
le tourisme de (grande) masse à Maya Bay et les déchets provenant de la mer... jetés par les visiteurs.
Bravo Angelo, belle action !