Koh Panyee, Phang-Nga

Koh Panyee is not an island in the true sense of the word. To be more precise, we can say that it is a Muslim village, on stilts, which can only be reached by boat.

We do not go there to swim or to sunbathe the pill, but to visit the people who live there all year round, with their tourist restaurants, their mosque, their school, and their many shops.

By walking on the wooden crossbeams, you can discover the life of the village with its traditional side. Infants who sleep peacefully, children who are at school, "little old people" who take their naps, women who clean and prepare fish for the evening meal...

The village of "Koh Panyee" is located in the northern part of Phang Nga Bay.

To get there, there is only one solution: the boat. But at the beginning there are several ways to get there.

We chose to take the road, to leave the island of Phuket by crossing the bridge that connects the island to the mainland, the 650-metre Sarasin Bridge, which has been doubled very recently.

We travel about thirty kilometers after the bridge towards Phang Nga to take a "longtail boat" which will then drop us off at the fishing village of Koh Panyee after about 45 minutes of sailing in calm waters and passing by the mangroves.

Leaving the 4-lane road (which is actually the road to Krabi and Bangkok) at the village of "Kalai", we take a small and suitable secondary road to the Somchong pier.

After a few minutes, we arrive at the landing stage of "Samchong".

The boats are waiting for us and the owner offers us a tour to Koh Panyee and James Bond Island for a reasonable price of 1700 baht (4 people), a little more than 10 € per person.

Après quelques minutes, nous arrivons à l'embarcadère de «Samchong».

Les barques nous attendent l'un des propriétaires nous propose le tour vers Koh Panyee et James Bond Island pour un prix raisonnable de 1700 bahts (4 personnes), un peu plus de 10 € par personne.

Koh Panyee is in sight... the landscape around is really splendid.
Walking on the wooden footbridges overlooking the sea, we come across welcoming looks, sometimes surprised, sometimes amused... 

  Au loin, Koh Panyee...

The village of Koh Panyee is a Muslim fishing village built entirely on stilts in the sea,
but against a small island nevertheless and dominated by a huge rock where is located among others, the mosque.

There are about 400 to 500 houses built, resulting in a population of about 2000 people (?),
very tightly together, and the alleys, which were once made of wooden slats, have been rebuilt in concrete
allowing the people of the village to move around (on foot) but also the many tourists to visit all the nooks and crannies of the village.

There is also a school, a mosque and small health clinics. No motorcycles, let alone cars....

 Un p'tit tour à l'école...

And then... Koh Panyee's school!

After discovering the village of Koh Panyee, we return to our boat to discover other nearby places like James Bond Island... the day is not over!

Back in our boat we now go to Koh Tapu (James Bond Island) the rock of Mister James Bond... world famous, but that we will only observe from our boat.
We will not go down today to tread the ground...  the authorities have decided for a few years, to charge each visitor 200 baht ( 5€), it is still a little exaggerated.

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