Koh Lipe

 Beautiful Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe is located 60 km from the Thai continent, the nearest wharf is in Pak Bara. Koh Lipe is the southernmost island of Thailand and on a clear day, you can see Langkawi Island in Malaysia, which is only 38 km away.

Koh Lipe is a small island located south of the Adaman Sea. It is part of the province of Satun, it belongs to the Tarutao Marine National Park, composed of 70 islands and its fauna and flora are therefore protected to guarantee a total change of scenery with each visit. It is one of the islands of the Adang Archipelago.

  Maritime links to Koh Lipe

Our starting point boat to Koh Lipe is Pak Bara

 Coming from Phuket

 From Pak Bara to Koh Lipe

The speedboat from Pak Bara at 3:30 pm drops us off after 1 hour and 20 minutes of calm sailing in Koh Lipe.

Large speedboats cannot go to the beach, so the landing is done on a barge parked about 100m away. 

On this barge you have to pay the visit fee of the national park 200 baht/person and another 50 baht/person for the longtail boat that will drop you off at Pattaya Beach in Koh Lipe.

 Pak Bara Pier

 Discovering Koh Lipe

Koh Lipe, it's a expedition to get there.

When you come from Phuket by private car, no problem. 420km, 6 hours of driving, drop-off point: Pak Bara pier, you take your ticket and hop, you get on the boat, that's it.

For the holidaymaker who doesn't have a car, it's a little more complicated. That being said, you will find at the end of the article a table on the different possibilities to go to this island depending on whether you come from Phuket or Bangkok, with schedules and prices. In Thailand, everything is possible, everything is possible.

In short, here we are on this small island of barely a few square kilometers in the shape of a boomerang measuring 3km wide and less than 2km high, there are no cars on the island. Only a few motorbikes used only by local people.

This island reminds me a little of Koh Phi Phi Phi 25 years ago before being overcrowded also because of this not so great film shot in (small) party in Maya Bay.

My first impression when I arrived at Koh Lipe was very positive. I thought these little bars on the beach were nice without being knocked out by stupid music. It rests, it reassures.

I liked the interior of Koh Lipe and its "Walking Street" which must be about 300m long and in which there are shops, bars, restaurants, massage parlours, clinics, etc...

Many bars, yes, but here we are not invaded by the many tiring "hello, welcome", pronounced without respite by the girls of bars looking for solitary customers.

Bars with pool or snooker tables and bar girls... there are none in Koh Lipe. No excess, no eccentricity, no madness.  It feels good!

It is a small, quiet and quiet island that I will be able to recommend without hesitation to families or young couples who want to spend a romantic holiday, in short, a beautiful place.

Originally and still today, the island is inhabited by the sea gypsies, the Chao Leh people. Sea Gypsies are a very specific people who have settled on several islands in southern Thailand, including Koh Lanta, for example, in search of new sources of food and fish. The waters of Koh Lipe are very well stocked in this sense but it is now diving which is one of the main activities of the island.

Koh Lipe has three main beaches: Sunset Beach, Pattaya Beach and Sunrise Beach.

You can walk around the island in about an hour. Although very small, it now offers hotels, Guesthouses and diving centres. Here is a map of the island to help you find your way around

 The Beaches of Koh Lipe

There is something for everyone. 
There are three beaches...

  • Pattaya Beach to the West, this is where tourists arrive
  • Sunset Beach located in the North small but very beautiful beach
  • Sunrise Beach the largest, south-east facing, long, beautiful


Not to be confused with the city of PATTAYA near Bangkok! 

During the day, Pattaya Beach is the busiest beach on the island because it is where most holidaymakers arrive or depart, and it is on this beach that there are the most bars and restaurants, but at both ends, we can say that we are quiet. 


Located in the north of the island of Koh Lipe, SUNSET BEACH is composed of several small beaches. Some "resorts" offering bunglows, it is the least frequented beach on the island. The sand is not as white as in Pattaya beach or Sunrise Beach, but the place is beautiful and worth a visit.
My walk continues. I decide to go from Pattaya Beach to Sunset Beach... a small road leads me there


SUNRISE BEACH is the most beautiful beach of the three (at least that's what I think). About 1.5 km long, it is a long strip of white sand that gently flows into the sea and is of a remarkable colour.
Here, we are at the very top of the beach (northern end), with this sand tongue that appears and which is even more beautiful than in the picture above.
I decide to walk along the beach towards the south... few people are there... it's a real pleasure to be able to walk alone.
and when I turn around to be in the same direction as the sun, I see landscapes full of fantastic colours