Kamala Beach

If there is one place in Phuket that I wanted to show here, it is this one: Kamala.

During my first trips to this island of Phuket (20 years ago), I fell under the spell of this small village, and finally, I spent eight very happy years there.

At the end of 2004, on Boxing Day, the devastating and murderous Tsunami passed through this area, leaving behind it... a real "field of desolation"... 

Today, no more traces of the disaster, except for a memorial erected near the beach and used as a place of gathering and annual recollection in memory of the victims.

This painful event remains, of course, etched in everyone's memory.

In recent years, my visits to Kamala have been increasingly rare, and now when I return there occasionally, I must admit that there are some places, some neighbourhoods where I have difficulty finding my way around, so fast and important has been the evolution.

Kamala experienced its "Economic Boom" in the late 1990s. The construction of Fantasea (in 1998) was no stranger to this and much has changed since then. The Tsunami (end of 2004) was the other boost to this development since many buildings have been rebuilt, such as the school, for example, which before this tragic event, was content with a few small wooden buildings, has become an impressive modern and functional complex. Streets have been redesigned, with all the infrastructure. In short, the Kamala after 2010 has little to do with the Kamala I knew at the beginning of my life in Phuket.

Kamala beach, 2 km long, is very pleasant to visit.
The slope is gentle, so there is no danger for children to go swimming.

This picture is from a few years ago,
and more precisely... before the Tsunami...
this view, as you see it there, no longer exists

Little Wat Kamala
Le petit Wat Kamala