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Phuket et environs
Good Places, Excursions, Beaches, Islands


Bangkok et environs
Temples and neighbourhoods of the Capital 

Culture and Traditions

culture tradition
Floating Market, Songkran, Loy Kratong

Temples, Ruins

temples ruins
Some Temples of Thailand

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Islands near Phuket

Some Islands near Phuket

  Paradise Islands

Discover some beautiful islands close to Phuket and others a little further away...

Whichever destination you choose, these visits are always very enjoyable, sometimes unforgettable moments.

Koh Lipe

koh lipe

 Koh Similan

koh similan

Koh Lanta

koh lanta

Koh Kradan

koh kradan
koh kradan

   Some Visits outside Thailand

Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1975)
Discover here a large number of photos on Phuket, the city, the beaches, the islands... on Thailand (Regions: North, North-East, Centre, West), photo reports in Bangkok, many temples, some jumps abroad too (Laos, Cambodia, Bali). Find some useful information, prices, advice... Destination Siam can be considered as a little guide but mainly photo. 
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Le Saint Tropez Phuket

A Day on the Edge of the 
Saint-Tropez Phuket

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The Weather in Phuket

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Pour le plaisir

For the pleasure of it

For the pleasure of it
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