Phuket and Thailand on Destination Siam 


Phuket Island
Phuket Island
Phuket Island

 Culture, Traditions, Temples

   Some paradisiacal islands a little further on...

The Similans

Accommodation: NO

Koh Lipe

Accomodation: YES
Trang Province

Koh Lanta

Accommodation: YES
Krabi Province

Koh Kradan

Accommodation: YES
Trang Province

   Some Visits outside Thailand

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Discover here a large number of photos on Phuket, the city, the beaches, the islands... on Thailand (Regions: North, North-East, Centre, West), photo reports in Bangkok, many temples, some jumps abroad too (Laos, Cambodia, Bali). Find some useful information, prices, advice... Destination Siam can be considered as a little guide but mainly photo. 
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Le Saint Tropez Phuket

A Day on the Edge of the 
Saint-Tropez Phuket

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