Friendship Beach (Rawai)

On the East Coast....

Friendship Beach... maybe it doesn't mean much to you.

It is simply this long coast on the "East" side of Phuket, about 4 kilometres long, which begins at the port of Chalong and extends to Laemka Noi.

This beach is not made for swimming, it is rather a place to stroll, or to sit down to admire a sunrise for example....
From time to time you can see riders walking peacefully.

Some Thai people venture there at certain times of the day, especially at sunrise, but here it is more to survive, that is to say... for fishing.

At low tide, the view is magnificent and as far as the eye can see, you can admire the sea, the beach and the boats.

There was a time I wanted to attend the rising of His Majesty the Sun... so, this morning at 6:22 am, I was taking my first picture without really knowing what it would look like.

For a few minutes, I have fun circling around the fishing boats, nothing easier since it is the low tide period...

After a few minutes of patience... it's 6:46am
... and here is the very discreet appearance of the one who goes once again,
to illuminate us with all its splendour and offer us a magnificent day

The sun is now very high and the landscape of this wild coast is quite exceptional

All the way up there, you can see the long pontoon of Chalong, from where the boats leave
to bring holidaymakers to a fishing trip or scuba diving trip


Turning south, we can see on the right, Leamka Noi advancing into the sea,
an admirable little beach with superb rocks where it is nice to stroll.

Here, on this whole coast... no tourists, at least... very few and rarely

Early in the morning, we often meet people, like these two women
who went to catch some fish
and it's always a pleasure to photograph them

Petite plage qui marque la fin de Friendship Beach, Laemka Noi est un endroit ravissant