Faces of Covid-19

 Some Faces of the Covid...

In these months of April and May 2020... a considerable number of activities or businesses have ceased to function due to the absence of tourists for several weeks: shops, restaurants, bars, beauty salons or massage parlours, small markets, all those boats moored at the beach, street vendors... in fact all those jobs that allow many locals to live normally and to feed themselves.

Of course, the consequences of such a situation are easy to see since they directly affect this population which finds itself without income from one day to the next.

Some categories of people receive state aid, but the majority have nothing.

Thai people, never have much money in advance... not that they are spendthrift, but they often come to Phuket to work and from there, regularly feed their family (parents, children, sisters or brothers) who stayed in the north of the country. A large part of their salary is thus paid back to the family every month.

If the tourists have returned home and Phuket Island is quite deserted, the expatriates of all nationalities living there all year round are mobilized and do an admirable job of help. Thus, several groups have formed and regularly organize distributions of small individual rations.

The following photos are a testimony (and not a voyeurism of any kind) of these particularly touching moments. 

The number of people in Phuket without resources is impressive and this period of pandemic allows us to realize the emptiness caused by this situation.

  Rawai, April 2020