Photo exhibition at the Phuket Consular Agency

 New Photo Expo in Phuket

expo photo

Claude de Crissey, French Honorary Consul in Phuket, has developed the habit of organizing art exhibitions: photos, paintings, sculptures made by experienced and passionate amateurs living in Phuket.
It is also an opportunity for visitors to meet new people at these meetings, or simply to see some people who have been lost from sight....
In any case, these small exhibitions are always nice and attract a lot of people.

 Jean-Francois Ozoux, a long-time photo enthusiast

Jean Francois Ozoux, has been living in Phuket for a few years. 
He is what we call a true tireless photo enthusiast... and tireless traveller around the world.


With Marc Lasnier, or when a photographer meets another photographer...
guess what they're talking about...?

Jean-François' photos are presented under glass... 
there are therefore some parasitic reflections, but despite this, this photo remains nevertheless splendid....