Damnoen Saduak's Floating Market

Damnoen Saduak's Floating Market is located about 70km southwest of Bangkok...

The market only operates in the morning, from 8 am to 1 pm. It can be visited on foot, along the canals or in a rental boat (the price of which is to be negotiated). In both cases, it is strongly recommended to be very early in the morning and to arrive on the spot as soon as the sun rises, otherwise you will no longer find a boat available and you will have to watch the sad spectacle of a tourist parade....

As for us, returning from our long trip through Thailand and after many kilometers swallowed, this stage at the Damnoen Saduak floating market is the last one before reaching Phuket.

Having finally found the right solution for the accommodation: a bungalow for the night in.... 2km from the floating market located along one of these many canals, the owner of the small "resort", offers us as soon as we arrive the next morning to join the floating market by boat from his establishment and to stroll through a few canals, which we do without hesitation, and which will also allow us to be on site from 8am by avoiding the rather surprising surge of tourists arriving from Bangkok.

A morning stroll through this maze of canals is really pleasant.
Peaceful, green and wild landscapes, the views are really magnificent

The houses of great simplicity are still mostly made of wood

We see the last inhabitants washing in the "klong".
the others are probably already on their way to work.
It is also a way to involuntarily penetrate their intimacy

others take care of their flowers

and the younger ones, go to work

There are also some beautiful, recent and nicely maintained buildings

We arrive after a few minutes in the floating market area where we start to see the first on-board sellers

The shops barely open, a new day begins

In towns and villages, monks walk before sunrise to receive their food for the day.
It's the same here, but in a boat...

The traditional python that you can wear around your neck for a few seconds, for the duration of a photo

By far... this picture is my favorite from the series
The spontaneous smile of this old saleswoman is a delight

One last bridge, and we leave the floating market.
Come several times already to visit this place which remains in my opinion one of the most traditional in the country
I still have as much pleasure in going through it as ever, even for a few minutes.
as it was today

After a certain time, it is almost unthinkable to find a boat for rent,
to consider diving into the atmosphere of a small, quiet provincial market
and take peaceful pictures.
Between 11am and noon, it's hell: eight out of ten boats are convoys of visitors.