A coffee shop from the 60's, Petchabun.

Located a few dozen kilometers from Phatchabun on one side, and Phitsanulok on the other, this absolutely great place is located along Route 12 in the heart of Thailand, between Khon-Kaen and Sukhothai.

Located in the middle of the mountains with a splendid panorama, the Coffee Shop of Route 12 in Khao Koh has something to surprise.

Composed of several shops full of nice gadgets, small bistro corners with terrace, a restaurant with a kitchen offering a multitude of small dishes.

Old Juke-Boxes, old record players, old petrol pumps, in short, this place really seduced me and it is with great joy that I come back for the second time to stroll in this universe lulled discreetly by period music that makes you nostalgic: this beautiful period of the 60's in the USA!

Completely under the spell of this place, I had fun to make a little meddley of the music I heard in this place that had everything to please ... it's up to you to see if you want to be lulled to the sounds of the 60's by browsing these images ... 


To accompany your visit here... 

listen to this music from the 60's... as I heard it when I discovered this place to go from one shop to another... a place as surprising as this music that I heard in the heart of Thailand... 

I really didn't expect this...

 Beautiful Landscape... as far as the eye can see.

This road 12 which crosses a good part of Thailand cannot leave indifferent. In places, called the Switzerland of Thailand because of the mountainous landscapes, this region is really beautiful and pleasant.
The landscapes, as we can see here, are of all splendor.

 Ah... these burns, a plague!

Unfortunately in this (dry) period between January and April, many landowners are still burning their land before starting new plantations. These burns in the north of Thailand are a real pollution even in some cities where the air is unbreathable, where sometimes planes cannot land (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai).

 A surprising place on the edge of Route 12

 Let's take a look inside...

We enter one of the shops that make up this ensemble... 
All the decorations including the objects and gadgets have a direct link with the 60's... as we walk through this place, our ears are lulled by music from this era. 
Even better... in all the shops the same music played by a single amplifier, which avoids cacophony.
Personally I enjoyed this situation so much that I thought it would be good to add a little meddley at the beginning of the article. 
In the basement, a small restaurant where we will have lunch with the family. Prices in relation to where we are, i.e. not expensive 
For a man, the fact of going to the pissoir is a natural need on which generally there is no reason to linger... but there, frankly, to be able to do his little need in such a decor, and especially having something else in front of his nose than the traditional tile more or less beautiful, it's still very original and it was worth it in my opinion to put forward this image that I find really surprising.
There's even a Sheriff's office there... the seal, the guns, the boots... but I didn't see the Sheriff's horse... maybe it was out?

You could almost say that this place is at the end of the world....
When you look at the map of Thailand,
it is clear that this place is not necessarily easy to access.... 
This very special coffee shop is located about 85 kilometres from Phitsanulok,
about 60km from Phetchabun and finally 240km from Khon Kaen.

  16°47'28.52 N - 100°59'14.63 E