Chinese walk in Bangkok

Just a few hours ago, I put a series of photos of the Grand Palais in Bangkok online, also focusing on the many Chinese tourists who are now "invading" Thailand with all that it represents.

I couldn't help but dive back into this very special area of the Thai capital, this area called Chinatown. 

It's 9:30, the sun's been high for quite some time.  The green and yellow air-conditioned taxi we picked up at random half an hour earlier dropped us off at Yaowarat Rd in the heart of Chinatown.

We are directly immersed in the heart of the anthill.... Traffic on the boulevard is already dense and noisy. The heat on the boulevard is heavy and after a few minutes of walking, we are already sweating heavily. By sneaking through the alleys where people move by the hundreds, what am I saying, by the thousands, but these are not groups of unruly tourists coming straight from China, fortunately, otherwise I would not have come, that's for sure. 

Here, no bouculades, no screams, no selfies in the face... we are in a kind of silent anthill or almost, where only buyers and sellers communicate as in all the markets of the world.

  Yaowarat Road...

   Jewellery stores

Yaowarat Road is the jewelers' street and is said to have the highest concentration of gold in Southeast Asia. All kinds of jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, rings, medallions, pendants. All this gold is presented in red shops, which gives it a beautiful glow.

  Yoawarat Boulevard

Dozens of stores selling everything from car parts, tires, food and costume jewellery (wholesale and retail), hardware, Chinese lanterns and calendars (before the vegetarian festival and Chinese New Year), medicinal plants and teas, noodles of all kinds, gadgets, fashion bags and accessories, shoes, etc..

Along the boulevard, there are also many vendors
Fruit seller on Yaowarat

  The small alleys

We leave Yaowarat to slip into the perpendicular alleys, where the shops where everything is located are swarming.

We believe we are safe from traffic by walking through these alleys...

But tuk tuk tuk with their characteristic sound will remind you of them.
I'm not the one who would go to replace this electrician worker....

Slight fatigue, a few minutes of recovery

We have reached the end of our visit, and what a visit!
Visiting Chinatown... it's really tiring. For some it could be a kind of obstacle course....
A few seconds to recover and we will reach the Chao Praya river not far from there to catch a taxi boat, another economical and very practical means of transport, far from the traffic jams
the "Chao Praya Express" which will drop us off at Phra Artit, near Kaosan Road