Photo trip to Bangkok

  A 3-day Photo Trip to Bangkok....

A short while ago, I was in Bangkok for 3 days, just to take some pictures. I like Bangkok very much for short stays (usually 3 days and no more).

This time, I had in mind to discover places that I didn't know and that were worth taking a picture of. The pictures you will see in this article as well as the itineraries and means of transport... have already appeared more or less in the articles I recently put online, but here, I will rather than show you a place in detail, take you on my tour... at each 

 1st Day...

 The Khaosan Road & Rambuttri Alley area.... (1st Day)

My luggage placed in the hotel, I go immediately to the Khaosan Rd area which is about 1 km away, that is to say 15 minutes walk, in order to eat a Thai dish in a small street restaurant that I had discovered a few years before. I finally leave Khaosan Rd to join the Soi Rambuttri which is in the same district... that's where I'll find this little restaurant...

I do indeed find the small street restaurant in the Soi Rambuttri... I settle down quietly, I order a chicken Khao Pad with a bottle of water... it feels good, I start to regain my strength.
You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link:  SOI RAMBUTTRI

I have just left the Soi Rambuttri, and I go to the alleys... I find myself at the edge of a canal that flows into the Chao Praya a few meters away. I love these old neighborhoods.
Here too, I like to walk on these shaded sidewalks. There are not many people, it's quiet.
We can see simple people, small workers trying to earn a living as they can, such as this seamstress...  
A little further on, I find a small place between two houses.... . 
Still walking on this small boulevard, I find this small alley between two houses, decorated with many graffiti of all colors... 
Coming back to the Khaosan Road area, I find this little restaurant bar with a lively music that I know very well. The owner's smile gives me confidence and I ask her if I can take a few pictures. She nodded without hesitation and here I was photographing a lovely, very Rasta place to the sound of an old Beatles music... 
Une ancienne machine à coudre, des cartes de menus, tout est mélangé... j'adore ce style, ce cadre...
Les murs aux couleurs rasta... sont couverts d'inscriptions. Tout est très chargé mais en même temps c'est superbe.

The boss was really nice and welcoming. 
She lets me take pictures without forcing me to consume... really enjoyable and touching.
The best advice I could give you is that... if you are in this area one day, have a drink or a bite to eat...

Not far from the small Rasta bar-restaurant... and very close to Khaosan Road... 
this wall completely decorated... 

For the rest of my program, I have the idea of going to take some pictures in a rather particular market but being quite far from where I am now, namely Khaosan Road.

The various taxi drivers I ask for are not really hot to make the trip, it must be said that it is time for traffic jams. One of them suggested that I drop myself off at the nearest MRT station, Hua Lamphong.

I now avoid tuk tuk tuk... which are beautiful to photograph and that's all. It is true that they are very folklore, very local but they are much less comfortable than taxis... and especially much more expensive than taxis.

I will systematically advise my friends to avoid tuk tuk tuk sincerely because most of the time the fares are doubled or even more compared to taxis equipped with meters.

 Take the MRT in Bangkok (1st Day)

The taxi after 30 minutes of travel and for a very reasonable price of 60 baht (about 2 euros) dropped us off at the MRT Hua Lamphong station... There, I take a ticket at an equally ridiculous price of about 1 euro to make 7 or 8 stations (about 20 minutes of travel) 

Tourists and locals, queue up wisely to wait for the arrival of the train... nobody gets agitated, nobody pushes anyone, no risk of pick pocket... it's cool, it's reassuring.

In the afternoon, space is easily available.  

 Ratchada Rot Fai Night Market (1st Day)

Here is the reason why I found myself at this place... just to take this beautiful night market shot seen from the 4th floor of the nearby shopping mall parking lot...

The carefully arranged tents, aligned and in beautiful colours, make a quite impressive effect in this early evening. It's a beautiful sight.

You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link: Ratchada Night Market

 2nd Day...

 Wat Paknam Phasi Charoen (2nd Day)

The next morning, I jumped in a taxi and headed for this temple that I didn't know at all.
A good half an hour's drive to get to this site... where I discover an absolutely magnificent pagoda. 
Museum, exhibition, and fluorescent colours make this place a rather special place, very respected.... 

  You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link:  Wat Paknam Bangkok

 Wat Arun (2nd Day)

The superb Wat Arun, which lies along the Chao Praya River, is finally freed from its scaffolding after three years of grooming. A little worried and disappointed by the very cloudy and very threatening weather, I nevertheless manage to bring back some not too ugly pictures since on the whole, the earthenware of these buildings came out well on the dark sky.

 River Taxi on Chao Praya (Day 2)

I leave behind the beautiful Wat Arun.... on board one of these river taxis... I'm going to go to the French Embassy, near Chinatown... to find the first streets tagged with graffiti of all kinds.

The river taxi is a valuable means of transport... 

There is time to look at the urban landscape, which ranges from the very modern to the very old... In Bangkok, there are always mixtures between two generations: from old buildings leaning against each other to new ultra-modern buildings...

by clicking on the pictures you can enlarge them

And when you manage to bring together ultra-modern buildings, old buildings, and traditional "longtail boat" on the Chao Praya river... happiness is almost total. 

 On Charoen Krung (2nd Day)

Leaving Wat Arun 20 minutes earlier... the boat dropped me off at Saphan Taksin... I find Charoen Krung Road and its heavy traffic... I pass in front of the State Tower where is located at the very top the Sky Bar that I discovered a few years earlier... these rooftops are really fantastic and offer you incredible views over the city. 

Charoen Krung 32 (Day 2)

I need about a 15 minutes walk to find myself at Soi 32 of Charoen Krung and discover the first graffiti. I don't know why... but I love these street paintings. These old walls, all sad and often very dirty, have regained a little life thanks to these talented and very inventive young artists.

You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link:  Street art, Bangkok

 Charoen Krung, Soi 30...(2e Jour)

From the previous alley, just 50 meters away... this wall is beautifully decorated... it is not garffiti but an almost sculptural work... done with a chisel and a jackhammer...   

On the wall of the Portuguese Embassy, we find this superb work. This time, it's not graffiti, but "Scratching Surface". The artist Alexandre Farto created this work... signed VHILS...

 Charoen Krung Soi 28... (Day 2)

Not much to discover at Soi 28... except this facade and two or three graffiti a little further down the alley.
Without further delay, I resume my walk (somewhat disappointed by this self 28, I expected better) and I will join another decorated alley less than a kilometer away... the Soi San Chao Rong Kueak which overlooks the Soi Wanit.

Soi San Chao Rong Kuak (2e Jour)

Avec les moyens mis à notre disposition de nos jours (Google Map, appli GPS sur smartphone) il est vraiment aisé de se déplacer et de trouver les moindres recoins d'une ville... C'est ainsi que je fini par trouver ce petit Soi sans circulation, et qui fait partie du Soi Wanit. Là aussi, on est dans une ambiance de quartier chinois... d'ailleurs au bout du Soi, se trouve un petit temple chinois. 

J'ai beaucoup apprécié ce vieux coin de Bangkok avec des gens bien accueillants. Les graffitis aperçus sont d'un autre genre, d'un autre style, d'une autre époque. Il est clair que de ce petit Soi, il s'en dégage un charme assez particulier. 

Vous pourrez découvrir mes photos faites dans cet endroit en suivant ce lien: Soi San Chao Rong Kueak

As I wrote above, I don't like to use the Tuk Tuk anymore... those noisy and uncomfortable machines that transport you in dust, urban pollution and often far too expensive... but hey, from time to time you have to make a small exception.... 

I have a small mile to go, I have accumulated fatigue... I am now going to the Klong Saen Saen Saep for the last leg of the day whose landmark is Jim Thompson Museum... 5 kilometers to go, the Tuk Tuk will take me there easily.

 Les Graffitis sur le Klong Saen Saep (2e Jour)

bangkok street art

All along this canal (klong in Thai), in any case up to the next bridge, i. e. envy 300m, there are graffiti by the shovel on both sides... incredible collection almost endless.

Almost not a cat, it's quiet, it's quiet... I'm starting to enjoy myself.

3rd Day...

The Graffiti of Chalermla Park (Day 3)

The day before, I had discovered a lot of graffiti not far from where I am now... and at the same time, I wasn't completely satisfied yet because I had heard about this Chalerma park and I absolutely wanted to see it...

You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link:   Chalerma Park

 The Ark of Chong Nonsi (Day 3)

Happy as a kid who has just received a new toy, I leave Chalerma Park and its amazing graffiti to head to the BTS station in Chongnonsi BTS walking path... For this 3rd and last day of my photo trip to Bangkok... I decided to do in the simple... i.e. to reduce the trips, taxis, MRT subway or BTS... by force and with the humid heat, we tend to accumulate fatigue and then as we say... we are no longer 30 years old either...

First of all, I discover this metallic arch with a very modern design... and which blends in well with the surrounding scenery of concrete towers... it's the Sathorn district, a business district...

 The House On Sathorn (Day 3)

Just walk around the previous building and walk about 50 metres to discover "The House On Sathorn"... a magnificent building more than 100 years old, leaning against ultra-modern buildings... quite striking as an effect, great to take a picture of...

You can discover my photos taken in this place by following this link:  Sathorn 

Google Map

I would like to point out that these last three places (l'Arche, the city Tower, and the House on Sathorn) are in the same place and you will find them on the Google map whose link is right here, above

So that's it for this three-day trip to Bangkok. I must admit that such a trip-photo is quite tiring... but what a pleasure to discover all these charming places, often very authentic and natural. 

A big city... it's a big city, we like it or not, but every big city always has incredible things to offer, to show...