Bangkok Street Art - San Chao Rong Kueak

   Some graffiti in San Chao Rong kueak...

A few minutes by tuk tuk since our previous stage (Charoen Krung), we find ourselves in a small Chinese district. The main soi "Wanit 2", is a rather banal, old soi, with some small shops. I don't see any graffiti... information taken, an old lady indicates us a soi at approximately 50 meters of our site... obviously it is there that it is necessary to go there.

At the end of these 50 meters, we see an alley, or almost a semblance of an alley in which a car does not pass... it is the Soi San Chao Rong Kueak !

Very quickly, we discover some rather geometrical drawings, rather "steep" ... but further down this tiny self, we reach the Chao Praya and a shrine (Chinese temple). There, some interesting drawings on the houses, or on the portals of houses. 

The atmosphere is very quiet... 

Arrived on the spot... I am obliged to ask a lady for the location of the Graffiti... this one shows me an alley a little further away.

This neighborhood is quite Chinese too....

In the Soi San Chao Rong Kueak... we discover there also a series of graffiti... the Soi is very narrow, there is no traffic... the houses are old... we are really in another world.