Rice fields of Tagallalang

It's past noon, the sun is hitting as hard as it can. I have found a taxi driver who will take me to visit the rice paddies that I can't wait to discover...

But before that, I asked him to take me to a restaurant outside the city to eat a local Nasi Goreng with a nice cold beer... I'm sure he knows a good plan!
Two hours on a motorcycle, 1h30 visit to Ubud with the heat... it's digging, it's time to go get some food.

We reach a quite surprising place but finally which fits completely with the atmosphere of the area: a restaurant which surrounds a rice field... superb setting of calm and tranquility.

  A very pleasant restaurant on the road to the rice fields

And here is the famous "Nasi Goreng" from Bali. It looks like Thai Khao Phad, but with a fried egg on top....
It's not much like that, but with a good "Bintang", it stalls quite a bit!

  The Superb Rice Plants of Tagallalang...

After my small meal, we set off again for about thirty minutes. The driver is smiling and friendly, and we talk a lot during this short trip. His English is quite correct like many Balinese I have met so far, which facilitates exchanges.

We quickly find ourselves in a mountainous region with already some rice fields that I see in the distance. The dark green, well contrasted, is superb on these mountainsides. I would already like to take some pictures, but the driver tells me that we are not there yet.

A few minutes later, the traffic that suddenly increased on this small mountain road makes me realize that we have reached our destination and that we are far from alone. Indeed, here again, it is mass tourism that is in a hurry to admire the wonderful spectacle of the rice fields on floors.

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D1 - The Tanah Lot temple

1st Day (Morning): When I had spent my first moments of research on Bali on the net, I came across the TANAH LOT. I discovered some pictures of this temple built in the sea, accessible only at low tide. Needless to say, I was eager when I arrived in Bali to discover it and walk around.

D2 - Ubud

Day 2 (Morning): I had decided for my second outing to go for a walk on the Ubud side.
I fill up the motorbike, 17,000 ruphia ! impressive figures with a string of zeros at the end... and say that it's only 3 liters!
Well, come on, my headphones aimed in the ears, the headphones on top, and let's go for about two hours of driving...

D2 - Tagallalang

Day 2 (afternoon): After 2 hours on the road and almost 2 hours visiting this small village, I had a good, fresh Bintang. For the second part of the day, I decide to take a taxi driver to take me to the rice fields a little higher. I find one a priori nice and smiling (not hard to find, they are almost all nice), and ask him to take me first to a restaurant to eat a local "Nasigoreng"... he must know a place...

D3 - Uluwatu Cliffs

Day 3: To return a little towards the sea, my third day is devoted to visiting the breathtaking cliffs of Uluwatu. There too, I had seen some impressive photos here and there and I wanted to see this exceptional site... The distance not being enormous at most about twenty kilometers from my hotel in Seminyak, I leave for another day of discoveries...
It's sunny, it's hot... come on, let's go!

D4 - Pura Ulun Danu at Bratan Lake

Day 4 (Morning): To reach Lake Bratan, I left my motorbike in the hotel parking lot and it is with a private driver that I go to the shore of this lake constantly covered with threatening clouds at about 1000m altitude.
After 2h30 of travel, we reach the Beratan temple which is beautifully located by the lake.
There are, of course, countless tourists: I am one of them!

D4 - Jatiluwih

Day 4 (Afternoon): I had enjoyed the rice fields of Tagalalang 2 days earlier, but the tourist merry-go-round had left me a little hungry. Of course the colours and views were magnificent... I was heading for my 4th day, to Jatiluwih... another impressive site of terraced rice fields, absolutely magnificent.

D5 - Nusa Dua & Kuta

Day 5: I'm getting a little tired. All these days of movement, in addition to the heat and humidity, make me decide to take an easy walk to Nusa Dua, a complex of luxury hotels located on the East Coast, which I reach in less than an hour.

D6 - Golf at Tanah Lot

Day 6: Back to Thanah Lot where I will take a walk on the golf course next door. Walking on a golf course is always very pleasant, but today, I find myself on a golf course like no other!

Bali by Night

A few steps on the sidewalks of Seminyak and Kutaen early in the evening... nice bars, small shopping malls open late, smiling encounters